BytePod Episode 17 – A Wild Podcast Appeared!

And its Super Effective!
Its a Pokémon Special this week! Rufus, Bruce and Ollie give a real thorough look at Pokémon Sword and Shield, the gameplay, new features, new Pokémon and the scandals around it.

0.00 Intro
03:22 News
03:45 Google Stadia launch
09:35 Frozen 2
12:50 Stark Trek 4 announced
15:55 Pokemon Sword and Shield Deep Dive
16:45 Overview
19:45 Gameplay
23:00 Wild Area
30:20 Gym battles
35:00 Dynamaxing
38:00 The Pokemon included and otherwise
47:25 New Pokémon
59:00 Trading
1:01:45 Gameplay a bit out of date?
1:03:30 Storyline

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