5 Web Warriors we’d love to see in Spider-Verse 2

From the Spectacular to the Amazing, we take a guess at who else will be joining Miles in the Spider-Verse

It’s been a year since cinema audiences were introduced to Miles Morales and the Spider-Verse. The story of Miles donning the web slingers and helping a team of alternate reality versions of the wall crawler return to their respective dimensions was released to critical acclaim, and even an Oscar win for best Animated Feature Film.

With a sequel just announced for April 8th, 2022, the question is: in a multiverse of Spider-People, who else will be swinging by? The idea of alternate realities is nothing new to Marvel Comics and there are already half a dozen spider-themed characters who would be a perfect fit for the dynamic story of Into the Spider-Verse. Be warned, while we’ll try not to spoil too much of the film there inevitably will be mild spoilers ahead – but if you haven’t seen this gem yet, what are you waiting for?

1. The Superior Spider-Man

If one character had the potential to turn the Spider-Verse on its head, it’s the Superior Spider-Man. Unlike other characters on this list, the Superior Spider-Man is actually from the main Marvel universe, though that doesn’t stop his backstory being just as crazy.

With a more direct approach to fighting crime the Superior Spider-Man opted for a darker costume to reflect his new mindset.
Source: The Superior Spider-Man #1
Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, Edgar Delgado
(Marvel Entertainment)

Back in 2009, the Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus is dying. Too many clashes with superheroes have left his body frail and slowly failing – but he’s hatched a scheme to survive. Using a robot drone, he swaps minds with Spider-Man, taking over his body. Though this isn’t without side effects: in an attempt to get his mind back, Peter Parker overwhelms Doctor Octopus with all his memories. Seeing what a true hero is, Otto decides not to become a villain, but instead to try and be a better Spider-Man. A Superior Spider-Man.

The Superior Spider-Man is calm and collected, but also possesses the keen mind of Otto Octavius, and the ego to boost. While not a villain, his pragmatic behaviour means he is more than willing to cross lines Peter Parker couldn’t. We would love to see the Superior Spider-Man butt heads with Miles and the gang, or play the role of the anti-hero of the group, putting even Spider-Man Noir to shame. Or as he would say himself, “THE DIE IS CAST!”

With an unchecked ego, Otto sometimes creates more problems than he solves. Like when he clashed with the other Spider-People in 2018’s event Spider-Geddon (comics everyone!)
Source: Spider-Man Unlimited
(Marvel Entertainment)

2. PS4 Spider-Man

While Sony Studio’s foray into making Spider-Man movies has given us mixed results, the same cannot be said about their decision to give Insomniac Game the reigns to create a Spider-Man game. Released in September 2018 to rave reviews, Spider-Man tells the story of a Peter Parker in his early 20’s, who has to deal with the fallout from removing the Kingpin from power. This includes open gang war, New York going under martial law, a viral outbreak and the Sinister Six. All the while going through personal love and loss to boot. The Spider-Man from this setting saves the day, but he truly suffers for his victory.

Spider-Man on Playstation is a blast to play. Combining elements that made previous games fun while also telling a truly engaging story. Plus, Spidey Selfies!
Source: Insomniac Games, Sony Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment

While this Spider-Man would be closer in tone to the classic webslinger we all know his sense of loss is different. It’s a credit to voice actor Yuri Lowenthal that he made Peter feel that real.

Interestingly, this Spider-Man already has a Miles Morales in his dimension, currently learning about his spider powers. The idea of Miles having someone to play the big brother would help give the characters a different way to express themselves. Plus, who doesn’t want to see the return of this Spider-Man’s other alter ego: the grizzled detective who has seen too much, Spider-Cop. (Well, maybe not Detective Yuri.)

This version of Spider-Man also took part in Spider-Geddon, where he discovered that somewhere in the multiverse there exists an actual Spider-Cop.
Source: Spider-Geddon #4
Christos Gage, Jorge Molina
(Marvel Entertainment)

3. Spider-Girl

While alternate realities have been around in comics since the early days of the medium, it was rare to see them interacting with one another to the degree they do in modern comics. Marvel usually treated alternate realities as a playground to tell speculative stories. Known as “What If?”, these stories asked questions like “What if Spider-Man had joined the Fantastic Four?” or “What if Uncle Ben hadn’t died?” Normally over in one issue, they rarely had continuity between them.

This changed when in 1998 What If #105 debuted Spider-Girl. In this story Marvel asked the question: what if Peter Parker and Mary Jane had a daughter, May “Mayday” Parker, who developed spider powers of her own. The story proved so successful that Marvel spun the character off into her own series. Set in the future, it followed Mayday as she became the next spider hero, following the retirement of her dad Peter. She would on-off appear in her own publications for many years, amassing a dedicated fanbase.

Spider-Girl’s stories take place in the MC2 continuity: a series of stories about what the Marvel Universe 15 years in he future would look like in the far off year of 2013…oh…
Source: What If #108
Ron Frenz
(Marvel Entertainment)

As with every other spider-character, Mayday has appeared in both the Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon events, teaming up with an army of Spider-People. Which means she is no stranger to dimension hopping and her relationship to Peter as his daughter would be interesting to see played out. Plus, we could see Mayday easily getting on with both Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales.

During the Spider-Verse comic event, Mayday suffered heavy losses, but like the other Spider-People pressed on to do her best to aid her allies.
Source: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 3.) #8
Giuseppe Camuncoli
(Marvel Entertainment)

4. Spider-Punk

Most of these characters are on this list because of the connection they have to Peter Parker, or the sense of history to their name. Spider-Punk doesn’t have any of that. Originally designed as a British Spider-Man, the character was instead redesigned to be its own entity: the anarchist Spider-Punk.

Apart from President Osborn, Spider-Punk also fights Skinhead Nazis; as well as Kang the Conglomerator, a businessman from the future looking to sell a watered down version of Spider-Punk to the masses.
Source: Edge of Spider-Geddon #1
Gerardo Sandoval
(Marvel Entertainment)

Unlike most other Spider-People, this version of Spider-Man isn’t Peter Parker. Instead, Hobart “Hobbie” Brown gained these powers when bitten by a spider irradiated by illegal waste dumping. Calling himself Spider-Punk, he teamed up with fellow-minded heroes Captain Anarchy and a version of the Hulk, to fight back against the authoritarian government that had taken over the United States. Eventually, they claim victory when he decapitates US President Norman Osborn. (Who said Punk was dead?)

This machine kills fascists.
Source: Spider-Verse #2
Jed Mackay, Sheldon Vella
(Marvel Entertainment)

Spider-Punk is a rebel without a cause, looking to protect the working classes from those who would exploit them. We’ve already met a version of Hobbie Brown in the form of Miles’ uncle, better known as The Prowler. The chance to have that emotional resonance with Miles but with a more anarchist attitude means we’re confident Spider-Punk would be prime material to rock up to the Spider-Verse.

5. Spiders-Man

I’ll level with you here. Sometimes a character is just so out there, so crazy a concept you’ve just go to go all in with it. Such is the case of Spiders-Man, a radioactive colony of spiders that believe they’re Peter Parker. They live under the suit and move the body about. It gets more horrific the longer you think about it.

Honestly, I wasn’t kidding.
Source: Spider-Geddon #3

Christos Gage, Carlo Barberi
(Marvel Entertainment)

Despite the out there concept of the character, Spiders-Man actually does have a tragic element to it. Peter Parker and his Gwen Stacey were observing a science experiment involving radioactive spiders, when the railing Peter was leaning on broke, and he fell in. As the clutter of spiders instantly consumed him, the colony absorbed Peter’s consciousness and became a hive mind entity. Calling itself Spiders-Man, it fights crime with a combination of Spider-Man powers, and the fact they’re a colony of spiders who believe they’re Spider-Man.

“Spiders-Man, Spiders-Man, does whatever a bunch of spiders can. OH GOD NO!”
Source: Spider-Geddon #3
Christos Gage, Carlo Barberi
(Marvel Entertainment)

Spiders-Man is on this list because honestly, the idea of a Spider-Man made up from spiders is such a horrific concept it could easily work as a villain, or a henchman for the team up go up against. It won’t be for everyone, but we’re already swarming all over that idea.

So, there you have it! 5 web warriors we’d love to see in Spider-Verse 2. As with all things, there are so many characters out there we didn’t have time to mention. Spider-Woman, Indian Spider-Man, Cyborg Spider-Man, Spider-Man UK.

I would have mentioned the Tokusatsu Spider-Man from Japan, who calls himself the Emissary of Hell, and rides a giant robot into battle. However it seems Phil Lord one of the producers confirmed plans to put him into the movie.

The Spider-Verse is indeed a varied place full of some amazing characters.

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