Our Top Favourite Cosplays from MCM Comic Con

Another year, another comic con, and what a brilliant event it was. Situated again at the Excel in South-East London, we were entertained and awed by a series of well-designed and simply creative costumes.

In all honesty, we lost count of all of the brilliant cosplays we’ve seen this year, and choosing our favourites has been a tricky task to complete. But we’ve done our best to cherry pick out what we think are the top 10 cosplays we’ve seen at MCM Comic Con 2019, all of which you can find below. 

If you think we’ve missed any, or would like to be added to our list, feel free to message us on Twitter, and we’ll take your costume into consideration.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Bro Thor from Avengers Endgame, by @freerangebear

Instagram: @freerangebear

A couple of years ago, we saw an endless stream of Harley Quins from the DC universe. But Marvel takes the lead in 2019, with Bro Thor drinking beer and rubbing his belly in every direction. One particular cosplay caught our eye, and we were simply stunned by @freerangebear’s rendition of the Norse God. Can’t wait to see the professional pics for this one! 

2. Squirrel Girl from the Marvel universe, by Katherine Hemmings 

We didn’t get a chance to get Katherine’s picture over the weekend. So please enjoy this snap from her Instagram.

Twitter: @KHemmings94

Instagram: @kittyscosplay94

Not that we’re biased, but in second place we’re going to have to tip our hats to Ms Hemmings cosplay of Squirrel Girl. Not only do we want to applaud the execution of this character (loving the tail), we also want to say what a delight it was speaking to her. Her bubbly personality and excitement suited the character brilliantly, so we’re thrilled to add her to our list of top cosplays. Keep up the excellent work Kitty, and keep being awesome.

3. Tiny Tina from Borderlands 3, by Harley Chainsaw

Twitter: @harleychainsaw

Instagram: @harleychainsaw

Twitch: /harleychainsaw

If you couldn’t make it to this years comic con, then we strongly recommend you had over to Harley’s instagram and check out her cosplay this year. After the recent release of Borderlands 3, we’re astonished at the effort that went into Harley’s costume, and how quickly she managed to put this together. Keep up the great work! 

4. Catwoman from Batman Returns, by Chartzy Bear

Instagram: @chartzybear.cosplay

Giving DC a chance, we were simply in awe at Charlotte’s Catwoman costume from Batman Returns. Sometimes favoring a Harley Quinn costume instead, Charlotte doesn’t leave any details behind, and brought the character back to life at this years comic con. We’re excited to see what’s next on her cosplay list!

5. Hercules and Megara, by Megan McMinn & Simon Oliver

Instagram: @briarrosecosplay & @midas.sky

Braving the cold, this duo took the show this year with their spot-on cosplay of the romantic pair, Hercules and Megara. Always doing their cosplay together, you may have seen this pair costuming in the past at Bean & Prince Guysbert from Disenchantment, as well as Beauty and the Beast. We’re eager to see what couple they’ll take on yet. 

6. Infinity Trump, by Chris Twamley

Twitter: @Psycheout

Instagram: @psycheout

You have to applaud the simplicity yet creativity of this costume. And what’s even better, Chris remained in character the whole time. Great work Chris Twamley.

All we can say is, ‘Now that’s an avengers level threat’. 

7. Ciri and Geralt from The Witcher, by Team Emerald Cosplay

Facebook: @teamemeraldcos

Instagram: @teamemeraldcos

Another excellent duo. Team Emerald Cosplay did a fantastic job at bringing the Witcher pair to life. And if you check out their instagram, you’ll see some pretty cool shots of them during the Comic Con weekend (they also went as Ironman, Supergirl, and Scorpion). 

8. Bumblebee and Windblade from Transformers, by Sophia Trek & Mum!

Instagram: @sophixia_

You can easily tell that cosplaying is more than just a hobby for Sophia. Brilliantly executed, Sophia and mum (we’re not sure of her name) stole our hearts this year at Comic Con London. It’s so refreshing to see a daughter and mum so passionate about this art, and we hope to see more of their projects in the future! 

9. Genji from Overwatch, by Luke Madara

Instagram: @luke_madara

How this man could see, we’ll never know. But who needs eyes when you have a costume like this? As huge Overwatch fans ourselves (seriously no bias here at all), we absolutely loved Luke’s costume. Although we didn’t get to see his dragon blade (the room was a tad busy). 

10. A-Train, Hughie, The Deep, and Maeve from The Boys 

A-Train’s Instagram: @cosplaysbyshinobi – Chris Carthern

Hughie’s Instagram: @jameswerty – James 

Instagram: @lk_lance – Thomas William

Maeve’s Instagram: @aperturecosplay

If you were at Comic Con this year, then you would have noticed this band of superheroes for sure. With The Boys only coming out just a few months ago, this team hasn’t left any details untouched, even featuring Robin (well, what’s left of her). The only concerning thing is, where’s Homelander? 

That’s it for our list. As mentioned above, if you think we’ve missed any, give us a shout on Twitter and we’ll see if it makes the cut. See you all at the next one!