Riot Games: Everything they Announced

How to do a 10 year anniversary? Riot games just smashed it out of the park by announcing 7 new games and a TV show. Wow!

Credit Riot games

Hey, isn’t that the company that makes League of Legends?

Well, until today you would be forgiven for thinking Riot Games was just that, but after celebrating LoL’s 10 years of MOBA game play, the multiplayer dropped a bombshell (eight of them in fact). This could change the landscape of online gaming universes in the years ahead.

Below we go through the announcements, what we know, and our thoughts on Riots upcoming projects and releases.

What do we know so far?

Teamfight Tactics

Credit, Riot Games via Youtube

TFT is a round-based strategy game playable currently through the League Client. Expect to see the Beta on the 22nd of October. But the big news is that this game is coming over to mobile with cross platform support, allowing mobile vs PC battling seamlessly from platform to platform.

Legends of Runeterra

Credit Riot games, via Youtube

A straightforward and easy access PC card game will be launching into beta soon, with an option to sign up through the Riot Games website.

The aesthetic and tone of the game certainly seems a little reminiscent of Hearthstone; you even select a champion to play as while in game, each with their own mechanics and unique cards.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Credit Riot Games via Yotube

Wild Rift isn’t an entirely new game per se, it’s a MOBA playable both on mobile and console. Which is otherwise very similar to its legacy, League of Legends.

Beta’s are being pushed out at present, with the game expecting to launch in early 2020.

Project A

Credit Riot Games via Youtube

This is the one that peaked our interest. With Overwatch nearly three years old and getting a little stale, we’re really curious as to what Riot’s FPS could hold in store.

Unlikely to take place in Runeterra, but a near future world (almost like something else…). Project A is very different to what we have seen before from Riot. We have very little detail at the moment, but hopefully we’ll get news soon.

Project F

Credit Riot Games

When first mentioned, we thought it would be more WoW than Diablo, but this concept certainly seems to head more the way of the latter. It may not be a bad idea; MMORPGs aren’t thriving at the moment, with not many new entries in the past few years.

We look forward to more info on this early stage top down multiplayer game, but from the few seconds we’ve seen already, there is a lot to like.

Project L

Credit Riot Games

This game appears for only a very short moment in the LoL announcement, but boy do we like the visuals here. It’s not yet known if this will be for mobile, console or PC, but we love the idea of a brand new arcade fighting game. It’s a genre which has been abandoned by most except the classics, and even if it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, a new take is good start for us.

Esports Sim

Credit Riot Games, China

Nothing really exists of this except for a fairly weird trailer in Chinese only, but Esports Sim was mentioned briefly during the LoL 10th anniversary event. We don’t really know what to expect, and how Riot will manage classic sports sim tropes, like training and player stats, are beyond us. But hey, it’s pretty innovative!

And last but not least…

Arcane (TV Show)

Credit Riot Games via Twitter

Fans have been crying out for an Overwatch TV show for some time, and while Blizzard seem reluctant to answer, Riot have ducked in with their own animated TV show.

Arcane was developed in house by Riot, and animated by Fortiche Productions. It’s most likely going to be within the League of Legends universe, but exactly what story will it tell? Riot hasn’t told us yet.

The show will be coming to one of the many streaming services, but we still don’t know which one. Let’s just hope we have a subscription for it!

Wow! That is how to do an announcement. We’re going to talk about it more next week on the Bytepod, check in to see if we have any more news!

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