Fortnite Season 11 – where do we go now?

Fornite Season 10 just wrapped up in what must be one of the craziest gaming events of the decade. But what happens now?

Credit Epic Games

Anyone who logged onto Fortnite today for a bit of cartoonish slightly too meme-centric battle royal gameplay were likely a little taken a back when the whole game got sucked into a black hole.

Not one match. The entire game. Logging in gives you nothing but the swirling black hole that your last game got sucked up into.

Its not unusual for an online game to go offline of course: bit of maintenance there, patch day here, new expansion? New event? Well these things take a bit of time to implement and the servers have to get switched off whilst it all goes down.

But to engulf the entire game in a cataclysmic event? That takes some balls to do.

That doesn’t stop a great deal of people being… a little miffed. Perhaps not having lived through developers hijinx before, some haven’t reacted to well.

We think it’s a little cruel to be honest.

And to wind these gamers up more, Fortnite deleted all tweets from its account on Sunday afternoon.

Naturally this won’t be the end of Fortnite. OR WILL IT?!

No it won’t. Fortnite is still a massively popular game, even if its popularity has been dwindling over time. We at Byte This aren’t massive Fortnite fans as we kinda missed the boat, but we’ve seen many ex-Fortnite players getting a little bored of the self-referential nature of the game. It’s like Deadpool on meme-crack, and for some it’s just too self-aware.

But what’s next for Fortnite? Right now three numbers have appeared above the black hole, 11, 146, 15. What could it mean? The internet is going a little crazy trying to find out.

What do we think? Well, unless Epic games really have done a runner, we expect to see some big news soon, perhaps even the big refresh that Fortnite has been overdue for some time.

Like everyone else, we wait and see.

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