5 Possible Locations for the next Overwatch Map

They’ve been to the Moon and back. But where could Overwatch be deploying next?

This summer, it’s been all go for Overwatch. With the Role Queue changes, the announcement of a new hero (the gravity powered tank, Sigma), and the summer games event, it seems like fans have plenty to keep them busy when it comes to this popular hero shooter. 

But is this all we can expect?  In the past, Blizzard has usually  announce a new map around this time of year. So in preparation for this, we’ve rounded up  our top five favourite locations that we think would be great for Overwatch to visit.

1. South China Sea: Omnium Facility

The Omnium facilities are huge factories designed to create Omnics. Originally the property of the Omnica Corporation, the company folded following evidence of corporate fraud, and so the Omnics inside were deactivated. But not soon after,  the robots actually turned themselves back on, and refused to be turned offline again. Which, as some of you may already know, started a war against humanity. This was the Omnic Crisis that would lead to the creation of Overwatch.

There are several of these giant facilities still operating worldwide. The most infamous of these is the Underwater Omnium Facility located in the South China Sea. This factory creates the Gwishin Omnics who regularly launch attacks against their neighbour, South Korea, where they usually come into conflict with D.Va and the MEKA Force. 

An underwater map opens all sorts of new possibilities for the game that we’re excited to explore, so we’re hopeful that D.Va will one day want to take the plunge to end the Gwishin threat and we’ll all be there to support her (unless someone on our team picks Hanzo, of course).

The Omnium facility in Australia was built in the Outback but was destroyed by human terrorists. The survivors of the explosion live in the wreckage as The Junkers

2. Utopaea

Located in India, the only thing we know about Utopaea is that it’s a city made of Hardlight (the sci-fi sounding material Symmertra uses to make her turrets and teleporter). Constructed by Symmetra’s employers, the morally dubious Vishkar Corporation created a  self sufficient city that can be reshaped at a moments notice (just after the Omnic Crisis). This could create some visually stunning and interesting new mechanics. As we learn more about the Vishkar Corporation and their connections to the events happening around the world, we’re sure Overwatch (and us) would love to take a closer look at Utopaea.

Symmetra is just one of many light-bending architechs in the employ of Viskhar. Many of which oversee the running of Utopaea

3. Switzerland: The Ruins of Overwatch HQ

The Swiss Headquarters of Overwatch was originally located near Zurich.  And this sprawling complex housed hundreds of staff, featured state of the art laboratories, and even a training facility. It was mysteriously destroyed shortly after the UN started to formally investigate the organisation. It’s believed a conflict between Gabriel Reyes (now known as Reaper), and Overwatch leader Jack Morrison (Soldier 76) escalated into an armed confrontation that resulted in an explosion,  ultimately destroying the facility. 

As the creative team looks to expand on the story of Overwatch in new and different ways, a lore heavy map could be just the thing needed to continue this story. They say you can never go home again, but since heroes never die (sorry, couldn’t resist), maybe now is the time to return to where it all began and start over again.

In the aftermath of the incident Overwatch was shut down but what became of the ruins is unknown.

4. Singapore

The city island state of Singapore is one of the few places in Overwatch we’ve seen outside of the game, with the location featured heavily in Doomfist’s origin story video. For those who haven’t watched it, the video is a beautifully animated short, produced by shanghai-based company Wolf Smoke Studio. It shows the Overwatch strike team attempting to capture the Talon leader in a brutal conflict, that ends with his defeat and imprisonment at the hands of Winston. 

Singapore features futuristic skyscrapers stretching into the sky, while also keeping elements of the city that makes Singapore so unique. A chance to explore a corner of this world, untouched by the narrative, could do so much to make Overwatch seem lived in. Though now that he is free, we’re sure Doomfist wouldn’t mind giving Winston a Singapore Sling off the side of this map.

Obviously some artistic licence is given for the short. For starters Winston would miss this jump.

5. Rio de Janeiro

Overwatch features maps from all around the world (even the moon).  But so far, South America has been largely ignored (apart from the Brazillian Lucioball map; Estádio das Rãs). 

Rio is a central location in the backstories of both Lucio and Symmerta. When our friends at the Vishkar Corporation secured the contract to redevelop Rio, they instead attempted to take control of the city, which lead to a rebellion led by Lucio to oust them. With its lavish setting and lore connections, Rio seems like the perfect place for the heroes of Overwatch to visit next time they’re south of the equator.

Rio & in particular its Favela was still struggling to rebuild after the Crisis before the arrival of Vishkar.

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