Overwatch’s Sigma: Abilities revealed

Jeff Kaplan appeared on Seagull’s Twitch channel to reveal Overwatch’s new hero Sigma, a main tank affiliated with Talon.

Screen capture from Overwatch PTR, Overwatch ©Blizzard


His main weapons are two ricocheting ‘bombs’, which can do 120 damage if both orbs directly hit their target to do both their full impact and explosive damage.

Ultimate: Gravitic Flux

His ultimate is an orb that he drops on an area. Initially it lifts everyone up, and freezes them in place. This leaves them vulnerable though still able to fire (think Junkrat’s trap). Being lifted above any cover from nearby objects should make them easy targets.

After a delay they will drop and take 50% of their max health as damage. Ouch.

Kinetic Grasp

One of his abilities captures projectiles and turns it into temporary shield. So you won’t take damage for a while, and you’ll get extra health at the end. The extra shield decays over time, similarly to shield from Lucio’s ultimate.


His other ability chucks a rock at an enemy. It does pretty good damage, and if they’re far away, they’ll also be pushed back.

Experimental barrier

He can launch the barrier away from himself in any direction, and stop it anywhere along the path. It takes some skill, but can be quickly recalled and reused if you miss. The barrier recharges while recalled much like Reinhart’s barrier.

No footsteps

Sigma will be the first floating tank. Like Zenyatta who also floats he will make no footstep sounds when moving.

Looks like Sigma could be a huge game changer.

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